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Pistachios are the seeds of the pistachio tree, commonly known as pistachio nuts. They have a nutty, buttery, slightly sweet flavour & a creamy, flakey texture. Their hard outer shell is cracked open before eating. Pistachios contain high levels of unsaturated fatty acids & potassium both of which have antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, pistachios are loaded with fibre & protein, keeping you fuller for longer while regulating blood sugar as well as blood pressure. Nutrients such as vitamin B6 promotes blood flow, immune & nervous system health. They also contain plant compounds such as vitamin E, polyphenols as well as carotenoids lutein & zeaxanthin, linked to decreased risk of muscle degradation, which cannot be found in any other nut!


Ingredients: pistachios in shell, salt

Allergens – PISTACHIOS 

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100gr, 200gr, 500gr, 1kg


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